Do you need single-to multi-color graphic design offset printing or digital prinint? ( Or perhaps you’d like a free, informal printing consultation to help determine the best way to produce your color printing job?) Universal Printers is a full-service commercial prepress and graphic designing company that you will find to be very reliable.We can also handle your single to multi-color offset printing press at very reasonable cost and on schedule.

When you need someone to design or a book printer and furnish you with brochure printing,when you want poster printing,catalog printing or postcard printing, you can trust Universal Printers for commercial designing and to make your job easier and more economical.


Product Gallery

All business comp aines require graphical artwork at some stage in their business dealing. Universal printers caters for a wied variety of graphical needs as the list below indicates.



Any Label required e.g Boxed, Bottled or tinned product,.



Function, events etc.



This is one of the most common requirements of any company.


Corporate Profiling ( Logo, Letterhead, Business Cards, Form, File Folder, Certificate etc)

Every company use a singular specific visual identity mediums utilized.



One of the cheapest forms of advertising mediums utilized.



Provide customers or cliental information about your company of products.



One of the common mediums used to visually indicate a variety of products of company.



With vast graphic capabilities.


Invitation/Greetings/Wedding cards




Companies use this visual medium to get to their workplace and imprint themselves to become generally well-known.
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